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Haresh Varma Shan

Haresh Varma Shan is a 10 years old student from Young Scientists. Since the age of 5 he has shown interest in science field. Currently he is following Digital Junior program at Young Scientists exploring technology such as computer programming, networking, electronics and IoT. He loves to tinker with his raspberry pi mini computer and electronic components and have loads of fun with them.

His invention called “Computer Aided Physiotherapy for Disabled Children” has won 4 medals in the year 2016:

  • Gold Medal – ITEX 2016 – Malaysian Young Inventors Exhibition (MYIE)

  • Gold Medal – ITEX 2016 – Asian Young Inventors Exhibition (AYIE)

  • Silver Medal – International Young Inventors Award (IYIA), Surabaya Indonesia

  • Silver Medal – KL Engineering and Science Fair Challenge – KLESF 2016

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