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The fundamental knowledge of science is an important base for any community to grow and sustain in this ever changing world.

With that in mind, Young Scientists Programme is formulated to create a learning platform for young children and let them explore the world of science and apply it in everyday life.


In this programme, children will be exposed to many science experiments in a fun way but at the same time understanding the fundamental theories of science. Apart from experiments and learning fundamental theories, we also focus on building their presentation and communication skills.


We believe by providing these exposures, children will utilize this knowledge in their academic fields and future ventures.  

This programme is a brainchild of a group of young professionals in diversified technologies such as Electronics, Mechanical, I.T., Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Although they are from different fields, these young professionals have a clearly defined objectives that is to share their knowledge and experience with younger generation. The goal is to enhance the child's creative thinking and shape them to become an innovator and inventor.

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